7 minute workout to lose belly fat for beginners

Get fit fast with these 7 minute workout! Lose stubborn belly fat, tone up, and improve your fitness without gym memberships or time constraints.

The 7 Minute Workout Program, which is very popular in America and around the world, allows you to achieve the goal of twelve by using only your own body weight.

To lose stubborn belly fat and improve your physique, get ready to do 5 exercises designed by personal trainer. Perform each step 15 times and complete the entire routine in 7 minutes.

1- Squat with weights:

Hiit workout

With this movement, both your arms, legs and hip area will get rid of excess fat.

Standing upright on the floor, spread your legs slightly. Hold the dumbbell in your hand. One end of the dumbbell should be in your hand and the other end on your shoulder. While holding the dumbbell in this way, at the same time, lean towards the floor by stretching your hips backwards. When you bend down, repeat the same movement 3 times, keeping your hips in a tense position, and get up.

2- Knee raises with weights:

Hiit workout

Stand upright with legs apart. Take dumbbells in both hands and stand with one end of the dumbbells in your hand and the other end on your shoulder. With your arms in this position, raise your left leg diagonally toward your chest and lower it back down by opening your leg.

3- Single leg deadlift with weights:

Hiit workout

Grasp dumbbells with both hands and stand upright. Position your arms straight next to both legs. First, with your right leg stationary, extend your left leg forward and bend your knee. Then stand up from the bend to an upright position. Then, while keeping your right leg still, extend your left leg backward in the air. At the same time, lean forward and let your arms hang forward.

4- Kick back to the hydrant:

Hiit workout

Position your body halfway down on the floor. Grasp the floor with your arms, palms open. Turn your head to the opposite side. While your right leg is stationary, lift your left leg by bending your knee to the left side. Repeat this movement.

5- Single Leg Hip Thruster:

Hiit workout

Lie on your back where you are. Position both arms slightly to the side of your body. Keep your left leg tense by bending your knee and press it to the floor. Lift your right leg up and hold it in the air. Lower and lift your body with your hips.