3 Simple Exercises That Sculpt Your Legs and Abs In Just Two Minutes

These exercises work your shoulders, abs, and legs, so if you want a full-body workout, you’re in luck.

This workout routine might seem easy, but once you start doing it, you’ll certainly feel the burn! Called a loaded carry, this basically means walking while carrying weights or other relatively heavy objects.

Also, after doing these exercises for a few weeks, you’ll notice that you can move on to heavier weights much easier than simply standing in place while lifting weights. So, on to the exercises.

1- Dumbbell carry

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This is exactly what it sounds like – you’ll simply carry dumbbells while walking for 30 seconds. You can choose whichever weight you feel comfortable with, but make sure you can walk normally without compromising your form. Keep your shoulders back, arms straight down by your sides, and walk slowly for 30 seconds.

2- Dumbbell skier swing

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For this exercise, you need to grab some weights, stand in place, and essentially swing the weights out in front of you, bringing them up to eye level. Keep your knees slightly bent, squeezing your glutes as you swing the weights out in front. You’ll want to keep the weights in a vertical, rather than horizontal, position. Do this exercise for 30 seconds, then, go back to the first exercise for 30 more seconds.

3- Dumbbell reverse lunge

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Finally, on to the last exercise – the reverse lunge. Grab your weights, and start off by lunging backward with your right leg first, then the left. Make sure you keep your torso and chest up, and lunge until your knee almost touches the ground. Repeat on each side until you’ve done the exercise for 30 seconds.