The 5 most powerful oils for longer and thicker eyebrows in record time

Eyebrows are very important for the appearance of the entire face, and we usually dedicate an important part of our make-up routine to them . They are essential for having a younger look, and need specific treatment.

The problem is that the abuse of treatments full of chemicals, as well as toxins present in the environment and hair removal tend to weaken the eyebrows, causing them to fall out.

Although in the past it was preferred to pluck eyebrows to give them a “thin” appearance, the current trend prefers abundant, thick and voluminous eyebrows . Below we list the 5 best oils to achieve this effect.

Castor oil . It is a natural product that is among the most effective in promoting the regrowth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It contains essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidant compounds that help improve the quality of hair to make it grow back quickly.

After removing makeup from your eyebrows, apply a little castor oil using a cotton swab or clean rimmel brush. Leave to act overnight and rinse the next day.

Coconut oil . Contains medium chain fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that promote the regrowth of eyebrow hair. It also helps reduce the negative effects of free radicals and nourishes hair thoroughly.

Before going to sleep, apply a little coconut oil to your eyebrows using your fingers. The next morning she rinses with plenty of water.

Almond oil . It is a hydrating product that is used in the formula of many creams and treatments. Contains vitamin E, proteins and healthy fats that contribute to the strengthening of eyebrows.

Again, just apply a small amount and rub it into your eyebrows. Apply twice a day.

Rosemary oil . This aromatic plant contains compounds useful for promoting hair growth and increasing its volume.

Take a small amount of rosemary oil and rub it on your eyebrows. Apply every day.

Olive oil . Rich in useful properties in cosmetics, olive oil hydrates and strengthens eyebrow hairs, nourishing them and preventing their loss.

Lightly heat a tablespoon of olive oil. It should cool down, not become hot. Apply it to your eyebrows using your fingers. Make a light massage until the oil is completely absorbed.