Stitch Your Life Together with These 7 Clever Sewing Hacks!

Whether you are an novice or a professional, to aid you sharpen your sewing skills (pun intended), we came up with the seven sewing hacks you should keep in your back pocket. So next time you witness a wardrobe malfunction (or experience one yourself), you’ll be able to step in to save the day. Let your needle and thread be your secret weapon.

1. Pants too big in waist

Sewing Hacks

Begin at the back of your jeans or pants (at one of the belt loops) and sewing in two triangles on each side of the belt loop. Then pull the 2 ends of the string and hold the jeans together as you pull and close the waist of the jeans.

2. Keep the thread from coming out of the needle

Sewing Hacks

Begin by threading the needle as you normally would, then hold the excess string taught and pierce the needle through the individual threads and repeat that move again. Pull the threads until an knot forms and the thread is secure in the eye of the needle.

3. Inner thigh patches jeans

Sewing Hacks

Flip the jeans inside out and apply the patch with some fabric glue, and turn the jeans right side out and run the patched area under your sewing machine until the tear is concealed as best as possible.

4. Sew a Circle Easily

Sewing Hacks

On the side of your sewing machine, tape down an push pin with the pin facing up, and then puncture your piece of fabric on the pin and sew as you’d, pulling the fabric in a circular direction as you go.

5. Torn jeans fix

Sewing Hacks

Flip the jeans turned and cut off the torn threads from the hole you are wanting to repair.Then Take your needle and thread and sew horizontally across the hole in the jeans, recreating the classic distressed look.

6. Dull pair of scissors

Sewing Hacks

Cut into a piece of aluminum foil multiple times, but as you make the cuts pull the scissors in a downward motion so the blade runs along the metal foil.

7. Diy distressed skinny jeans

Sewing Hacks

Since a fringy cuff on your jeans, run a seam ripper through the bottom heam, cut vertical lines with scissors, and rub it all at once to help the denim fray and look less clean. For your own DIY distressed tears in your jeans, cut as many horizontal lines as you want then rub the material together to expose the individual threads.