A Magic Sleep Remedy: One Cup of This Mixture And You Will Fall Asleep In Less Than a Minute!

Do you’ve troubles sleeping and struggle to get to sleep no matter how tired you’re? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night and lie awake for hours. Insomnia is a very common problem that takes a toll on your energy, mood, and ability to function during the day!

Chronic insomnia can even contribute to serious wellness problems. it is not good for you.you can put a stop to the frustration of insomnia and finally get a good night’s sleep.

Insomnia are common. Them affects women a lot often than men. You’ll be able to get it at any age, but aged adults is more likely to have them. You’re too at higher risk of insomnia if you:

  • Have more stress
  • Are depressed or have other emotional distress, such traumatic experience
  • Have a lower income
  • Work at night or have frequent major shifts in your work hours
  • Travel long distances with time changes
  • inactive lifestyle
  • health problems and taking any medications that might be affecting your sleep

However, you shouldn’t despair if you’re one of them, as there’s a completely natural remedy that will restore your sleep and will help you wake up fresh and in a good mood.


This magic mixture contains only 3 natural constituents. It is preparation is fast and easy, and it will make you sleep like a baby! All of this good elements is super effective as they will relax your mind a body. Moreover, their combination will reduce the effect of spikes in cortisol, which are what impedes your ability to sleep and wakes you up during the night.

Magic Sleep Remedy: One Cup Of This Mixture And You Will Fell Asleep In Less Than A Minute!

You will need

Raw honey- ¼ teaspoon
Sea salt- 1/8
Coconut oil- 1 tablespoon

There is 2 methods to consume them:

Method 1. Take a bowl and mix the raw honey and the coconut oil. Next, add some sea salt and mix well the ingredients. Next, with the help of a spoon, you need to consume it and swallow it. Then, drink a glass of water.

Method 2. You can separately take the raw honey and the coconut oil and then drink a glass of water. Next, add the salt in some water and consume it as well.

Note: In case you wake up during the night, take this mixture again, and you will fall asleep again in less than 30 minutes.

The salt will too help you lower the stress hormone levels and will provide energy.

Coconuts abound in fat which acts as a fuel for the body during the night. Therefore, taking it prior to going to bed is going to prevent hunger. Moreover, them prevents spiking of the blood sugar, which is one of the causes of sleeping problems.

honey doesn’t raise the sugar levels, and it helps you fall asleep easily. Moreover, them provides the needed amount of liver glycogen storage for the brain, while its lack leads to increased secretion of hormones by the adrenal glands, like stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline. As in high amounts, this hormones cause sleeping issues.