Celebrities Are All About Not Wearing Pants, and This Trend Seems to Be Here to Stay

The newest fashion craze seems to be only for those who don’t mind being bold with their picks. Celebrities are stepping out without pants intentionally, and putting together chic outfits using only underwear as bottoms. Whether it’s rocking just panties or briefs, with or without stockings, we can’t help but admire their confidence! See for yourself their daring looks.

The «no-pants» trend is taking the celebrity world by storm.

A nightmare for some but a fashion statement for others, the disappearance of pants from runway looks happened gradually, with some pointing to the bike-shorts trend as the start of it all. And it deeply influenced what celebrities choose to wear nowadays. The most recent example of a «no-pants» look comes from Irina Shayk. The model attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival, in May 2023, wearing nothing but a see-through dress, lingerie, and a jacket.

This underwear-as-outerwear movement might not even be considered a fad, as it’s been going on for months, with no apparent end in sight. In fact, it can be traced back to at least 2022. Perhaps one of the most iconic examples came in September of that year when Kylie Jenner showed up at Loewe Paris Fashion Week wearing just briefs on top of stockings.

Since 2022, this sort of outfit has been a rather common sight at public events, with Riverdale star Camila Mendes portraying another one of these moments, as she came out with a similar daring look at a different fashion event, in February 2023.

They dress like this anywhere.

Celebrities aren’t just rocking this trend in events. It also seems to be a day-to-day pick. Actress and model, Julia Fox, was seen grocery shopping in underwear in May 2022. One year later, she was photographed donning just briefs from the waist down as she pumped gas.

In March 2024, it was time for Kristen Stewart to perhaps show us her most daring look yet. She went out in New York City wearing nothing but a shirt that showed her bra, underwear, and dark red high heels.

So this trend seems to be here to stay!

Celebrities aren’t just bold with their day-to-day fashion. They also don’t mind taking huge risks with their outfits on red carpets, including nude dresses. Check out here some of the celebrities who took events by storm with their crazy looks.