30 Day DeClutter Challenge

This declutter challenge will get your home back in order without totally overwhelming you and feeling like a never-ending job!

Say goodbye stress and anxiety and make a calm, clean home your new reality. Right below we give some guidance on how to tackle each daily de-clutter challenge – hope they help!

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge

30 Day DeClutter Challenge

1. Empty out one junk drawer – A rule of thumb is that if you’ve not used it on the last 3 months, you probably do not need it.

2. Purge your closet of the things you no longer wear – If you do not use it, you want to lose it.

3. Go through your movie collection – Keep your favorites and ditch the rest.

4. Clean out your television stand – No use setting down to relax with a movie while things like loose cables is poking out and bugging you.

5. Go through your mail pile – You can opt for electronic billing at many places which will help keep your mailbox clear.

6. Clean off your kitchen table – Being able to eat at a clean table during meals will too help foster less stressful quality time together.

7. Purge two kitchen cabinets – You can do away with at least some of those things, less dishes means less washing!

8. Discard old books – Old books can be tastefully used for décor or donate them or place them in a box on the street.

9. Clean out your wallet – Get rid of the empty gift cards, faded receipts, creased business cards, and whatever else you don’t need.

10. Clean out your purse – Empty everything out of your purse and once you have gotten rid of all the garbage or old items, only set back in the essentials: wallet, small makeup/hygiene bag, a pen or pencil, a planner, a bit pack of tissues

11. Purge your makeup drawer/bag – Keep your lipsticks in one place, eyeliners in another, and only keep the ones you use most often in your makeup bag.

12. Clean out empty/almost empty containers in the shower

13. Purge your bathroom cabinets – Clean all like empty toothpaste tubes, old mouthwash, and anything else you find!

14. Go through your families shoes (donate what doesn’t fit) – If the shoes are old and broken, throw them away. If they are relatively new but do not fit, donate it to an thrift shop or friend.

15. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets

16. Organize your linen closet – Take a inventory of everything you are storing in there and get rid of the old, holey, tattered sheets and blankets or donate it.

17. Purge your medicine cabinet – Old or expired medication is not something you want in your house. Check the expiry dates.

18. Go through your freezer and dump old items – Check the expiry dates, if the food in your freezer is too old, throw it out.

19. Clear off your kitchen counters – It is time to clean those counters! Set aside a block of time

20. Empty another junk drawer

21. Go through your fridge and dump old items

22. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets

23. Get rid of unused accessories (jewelry, hats, etc.) – Whenever try something on and you know it does not suit you anymore or you do not like it, put it in the donation bag or see if your kids or grandkids is interested.

24. Clean out your car – Firstly, get rid of the empty bottles, old tissues, crumped receipts, and whatever else you find. And then bang out the matts, clean out the compartments, and scrub down the interior with car cleaner.

25. Discard kids unused toys – Ask the kids if they still want their toys. If not, add them to the donation bin. If they do, get them to help clean up with you.

26. Organize toys that are left – Designate an play area or toy bin where all the toys will go from now on.

27. Go through board games and electronic games – donate unused

28. Organize and discard cleaning supplies – Get rid of all your toxic cleaners and replace with it on natural alternatives.

29. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets

30. Clean! Get your newly organized home all sparkly – Now that everything is organized again.